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WTP Policy Manual

This manual outlines policies and procedures for the Wentworth Training Program. As a contracted service provider for the Wentworth college community, we offer students an outstanding opportunity for authentic work experience.  We also hold a responsibility to provide a professional level of services to our customer.  As employees of the program, students are expected to follow both the employment policies of the college and the expectations for Boston Public School students.

Topics covered here include:

I.  About the program

II.  Application and Selection for the Program

III.  Employee Expectations

 - Hours
 - Uniforms and dress code
 - Lunch
 - Attendance
 - Professionalism

IV. Discipline and Grounds for Termination

V. School responsibilities for the program

VI. Learning Goals for the program

VII. Assessment and Checklists for the program

VIII. Links to Related Documents

IX. STRIVE BPS Wentworth Training Program Staff

I.  About the Program

The Wentworth Training Program includes two work experience programs at the same worksite.  These experiences are part of a contract with Wentworth Institute for Technology that dates back to 1987 and reflects a long-time commitment by the college to providing opportunities to Boston students with disabilities.

The Go Green Recycling program provides structured experience in recycling, with collected recyclable materials being cleaned, weighed and sold for re-use.  The Facilities Program provides a high level of technical experience in equipment operation, cleaning and facilities management.  Skills from both programs are transferable to a variety of career pathways in facilities management, environmental services and other career fields. 

The Go Green program is commonly referred to as "green side" and the Facilities program is commonly referred to as "blue side" or "dorms." 

II.  Application and Selection for the Program

Students are recommended for this program by their schools and STRIVE Community Connection Facilitator.  Criteria for referral to the program include:

In order to apply for the program, students must complete the required employment application and related paperwork, including the following:

Applications must be completed with blue or black pen and submitted with all required documentation.

Applications should be submitted to: Brenda Tanon-Jackson, Community Connections Facilitator

Application due dates are as follows:  Go Green Recycling applications are accepted two times per year The 4th Monday of September and the 2nd Monday of February.  Facilities management applications may be accepted on a rolling basis, generally at the start of each year.

III. Employee Expectations


Go Green Recycling program hours are 7:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 

Facilities program hours are 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. seven days per week.

Uniform and Dress Code

The Go Green Recycling program has a green shirt, to be provided by the program, to be worn with blue jeans.  The Facilities program has a blue shirt, also to be provided by the program, to be worn with khaki pants. Work boots are required for both programs.

Students should wear simple or no jewelry or make-up.   Long hair should be tied back.  Pants must be worn at the waist, with no undergarments visible, allowing ease of motion and professional appearance. 

Students will be provided with appropriate safety gear, including eye protection and other protective gear, and are expected to wear this as assigned.



Students who come to the program as a team should bring a lunch or bring money to purchase lunch in the Wentworth cafeteria.


Students who commute independently to and from the program are responsible for notifying the program if they will be late or absent.  Students are given a reminder sheet with the phone numbers and instructions for calling in.  (See

Teachers and/or paraprofessionals who accompany student groups to the program are responsible for notifying the program if there is a delay or schedule conflict or if there will be fewer than the expected number of students.

Brenda Tañón-Jackson, STRIVE Community Connection Facilitator will take attendance for all students who commute independently to the program on Aspen. School staff can check student status on Aspen by clicking on the attendance tab and selecting class attendance.


As described in the Wentworth Physical Plant Employee Manual, "the best way to advance the Physical Plant Department's success is to think and act professionally.  Remember to treat the people you come in contact with as courteously and pleasantly as you would like to be treated:

In the Go Green program: do not enter offices or rooms when the doors are closed or people are in the room.  Instead, come back later when the room or office is empty.

Some key do's and don't include:

DO -


Students sign a student agreement when they begin work.

Student Agreement:

See the section below for information about discipline and grounds for termination.

IV. Discipline and Grounds for Termination

The following issues will result in a disciplinary warning, with possible suspension or dismissal from the program or other consequences.

Students may be dismissed immediately for serious violations, including any fighting, drinking/drugs, weapons, theft, vandalism, or disrespectful language or profanity toward customers.

See the "Students Warning Report" form below for an outline of the procedure for warning, suspension or dismissal.

V. School responsibilities for the program

For the Go Green Recycling program, schools send a team of students with a supervising teacher or paraprofessional to the worksite.  The supervising teacher/para is expected to be an active supervisor for the team of students, guiding them through the tasks and modeling appropriate workplace behavior.  The teacher/para should be familiar with the Wentworth site and job duties.  Mr. Ramsay, the BPS STRIVE supervisor on-site, provides training and orientation for the teams, generally at the beginning of the year.  Most schools find that it works best to have one or two teachers/paras trained in the Wentworth site and job duties.  If additional teachers/paras are assigned to supervise the team mid-year, they must know the students and may want to shadow along with the team before taking on the lead. 

Note that the Go Green Recycling program provides written checklists about the procedure, along with a list of buildings and offices for recycling pick-up, but hands-on time at the site is essential before you can be comfortable guiding a team through the work.

During the year, students will become more independent in recycling pick-up, and will handle some recycling pick-up sites independently, but, for most buildings, a teacher/para, or peer student guide, or BPS STRIVE staff, must accompany the team.

The STRIVE Teacher Workplace Expectations sheet (see below) outlines expectations for teachers and paraprofessionals who bring student groups to the Wentworth Training Program and other STRIVE workplace sites.

Teacher Workplace Expectations:

VI. Assessment and Checklists for the program

VII. Learning Goals for the program

Through this program, students gain competencies and skills in the following broad areas -

The assessments and checklists listed above include details about the learning goals for the program. 


Numbers to call in:

Student Agreement:

Student Warning Report:

Teacher Workplace Expectations:

Internet Acceptable Use Form:

Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan – Go Green:  

Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan – Facilities:


IX. BPS STRIVE Wentworth Training Program Staff


    Brenda Tañón-Jackson                                                 Barbara Lowe                                                   Craig A. Ramsey Sr.

     Wentworth Training Program Site Manager         Facilities Management Supervisor           Go Green Recycling Program Supervisor                                   

     Community Connection Facilitator                            Community Field Coordinator                    Community Field Coordinator

     617-989-4854 office                                                      617-989-4852 office                                      617-989-4570 office

     617-828-5801(c)                                                            617-590-7023 (c)                                           617-5905196 (c)         

    550 Huntington Ave | Boston, Ma. | 02115